storeShopping in Chinatown is a joy. Almost all Chinese goods found in China can be found here, including food, clothes, jewelry, souvenirs, etc. On the north side of Canal Street are many jewelry stores while on the south of Canal Street are small gift, handbag, perfume, watch stores and big supermarkets, etc. Mott Street and its surrounding streets are the best places to shop where most of things can be bargained. If you want to join native Chinese, you can shop on East Broadway Street. If you are good at Chinese cooking or want to try it, buy authentic Chinese food in Chinatown, and you will find the difference in tasting. You can buy good food in the following stores:

Kam Kuo, 7 Mott St. (near Chatham Square), 349-3097: large, two-story emporium with a full range of groceries on the street level and dinnerware, decorative pieces, plus all manner of cooking equipment, on the upper floor.

Asia Market Corp., 71 1/2Mulberry St. (near Bayard St.), 962-2028: a good selection of Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Philippine groceries, fruits and vegetables.

Hong Keung Seafood & Meat Market, 75 Mulberry St., 571-1445: the large selection of fish is nicely displayed and clearly identified, and there’s a meat section, as well.

Chinese American Trading Co., 91 Mulberry St. (south of Canal Street), 267-5223: a few steps below street level, this crowded grocery is filled with an amazing array of foodstuffs.

Mark’s Wine & Spirits Inc., 53 Mott St., 962-1993: This is the place to go if you want to make your Jade Flower Chicken with Mei Kuei Lu Chiew instead of with gin or if you are looking for a good bottle of Shaohsing wine.

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